Trading Education in Istanbul

4-day intensive week & 2-month training
4 جلسه در هفته بصورت فشرده و آموزش و 2 ماه آموزش آنلاین در ادامه
Date: 05.04.-08.04.2021
Speaker: Ali Taghikhan
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Intensive week

Theory training
4-day seminar in Istanbul
Laying the foundation stone for the coaching phase
Buffet lunch at the hotel and lunch together

Coaching phase

Practical training and further theoretical training
2 months of supervised coaching
Access to the Ali Taghikhan training forum
Screening sessions, live trading sessions, theory sessions, psychology sessions
Technical forum on brokers, software, data feeds, etc.
Communication in the community

Training content

Stock markets of the world
Market participants and sentiment
Technical tools, software, data feed
Broker selection
Working with the order book and the T&S list
Volume and histogram analysis
Price development, time units and chart technique
Order types
Trends and price action
Technical Analysis
Day trading, swing trading, long-term trading
Entry and set-up
Stop-loss setting
Position size calculation
Risk and money management
Trade management, stop-loss management, exit timing
Pyramidisation and position building
News and assessment of company figures
Macro-economic terms
Principles of fundamental analysis
Trading plan
Trading Journal
Trading Psychology
Mindset and Beliefs
Live trading