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On this page I would like to inform you about brokers, software and data feed and show you which partners I personally work with.
This topic is the most important of all for all trading beginners, because every broker always delivers a free trading software with which you can trade. Usually this is the Mt4 or Mt5 with which one trades mainly in the area of Forex and CFDs.
Especially for Persian traders it is not possible to open a trading account with every broker. However, our partner Trading Deals offers some providers who are specialised in this field. In addition, Trading Deals offers another great added value, namely the topic of cashback for trading costs. As a customer, you will always be reimbursed for some of your trading costs.

دوست عزیز، شما می توانید از این صفحه به پلتفرم حرفه ای آجینا تریدر،  لیست بروکر های معتبر و تاییده شده و همچنین دیتای اصلی و معتبر، که توسط تیم علیتقی خان برای شما با بهترین قیمت ممکن تهیه شده است، استفاده کنید

Agena Trader is a professional trading software for trading all asset classes with different brokers. Unfortunately, this software is subject to a fee, but I have negotiated a particularly good price for you.
However, you do not necessarily need Agena Trader, but only if you want to trade with shares and futures, only then does it make sense.

 جینا تریدر یک نرم افزار تریدینگ حرفه ای می باشد که که قابلیت اتصال به بروکر های معتبر را داراست. از انجایی که این نرم افزار رایگان نیست تیم استاد علی تقی خان با مذاکرات با شرکت تولید کننده توانستند این نرمافزار را برای شما با قیمت بسیار پایین تری فراهم کنند. در هر صورت نرمافزار آجینا یک پلتفرم حرفه ای می باشد و فقط مخصوص‌کسانی این که به دیتا و بروکر های معتبر دسترسی دارند.

Trading Deals is a German broker comparison platform specialising in cashback for trading costs and besides European customers also non-European customers.
Here you can find some good brokers with whom you can work and where you can even get cashback on your trading costs via Trading Deals. That means you always get something of your trading costs back from Trading Deals.

 شرکت Trading Deals یه کمپانی آلمانی می باشد و در حوزه فراهم کردن بروکر های مختلف برای مشتریان اروپایی و غیر اروپایی فعالیت می کند. از طریق این شرکت شما می توانید بروکر های معتبر و قابل اعتماد را انتخاب کرده و بسته به نوع قرارداد بروکر با این شرکت درصدی از هزینه معاملات خودتان را به صورت Cashback دریافت کنید.

Lenz&Partner is a German data feed provider with whom I have been working for many years. However, you only need this if you also use the Agena Trader to screen stocks.
Normally you get all data from all Forex brokers for free and only need a data feed for exchange-traded securities such as shares and futures.

 شرکت Lenz & Partner، کمپانی آلمانی و فراهم کننده دیتا اصلی مارکت می باشد که سابقه طولانی در این حوزه و همکاری با تیم استاد تقی خان دارد. این دیتا فقط جهت استفاده در نرمافزار آجینا تریدر می باشد و در صورتی که شما نیاز به دیتای اصلی و دقیق مارکت دارید برای شما توصیه می شود. چرا که بروکر شما دیتای مورد نظر را بر حسب نوع فعالیت برای شما به رایگان فراهم می کند.

Any investment in financial instruments involves significant risks and may not be suitable for every person. This is especially true for leveraged financial instruments (trading on margin). Leverage can have both disadvantages and advantages. A positive performance of a financial instrument in the past can in no way be used to infer future returns. Due to political, economic or other changes or events, there may be significant price losses, in the worst case a total loss of the capital invested or – in the case of certain financial instruments/providers – of capital in excess of the capital invested. Exchange rate fluctuations can additionally influence profits and losses. Only funds that can be dispensed with should be invested. Each person must ensure that they fully understand the risks involved. Before making any decision with a financial impact, careful consideration should be given to the opportunities and risks through independent advice.