What I provide

For absolute beginners, my free content is ideally suited to get into first contact with the stock market and trading. Here, the first foundation for success is laid by clearing up all the misconceptions that are out there. Learn to treat Trading like a Business – not as gambling to become rich overnight.

If you want to learn more about the markets, the Persian Trading Academy is the right place for you. In addition to the technical analysis of relevant trading instruments, it is also about the economic and fundamental understanding of the market – then fundamentals are the sole reason for significant market movements and trends. Those who are knowledgeable in this area have a killer advantage.

If the Free Education and the Persian Trading Academy are not enough for you, you can sign up for a place in my VIP Mentoring Program. This is all about giving your trading development the ultimate boost. In a minimum of eight months of mentoring, we will analyze your level of development in detail and help you where you need help in your trading. The mentoring takes place in small groups and is very individual. Less mistakes and more success is the goal!

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