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Not now. The copy trading system in Europe has special conditions and rules that currently do not provide this type of service to customers.

Successful people in the trading profession can be identified by the type of trading they do, their knowledge of market analysis and their credibility. They are constantly making a profit by adhering to the rules of capital management in this market, and they never wish for overnight success, and they earn their income from their transactions.

Digital currencies fluctuate widely because of their high risk, as well as their low trading volume, and whales (people with relatively large capital) play a large role in determining the price of digital currencies, which can cause the chart to fluctuate sharply. It makes these tools go beyond the rules of technical analysis, no professional and stock market and forex traders risk their capital in the cryptocurrency market. So where there are no adults and professionals, logic tells you not to enter.

Gold is recognised as a safe haven in the world, and oil is very important as black gold, but because important news, such as central bank reports, EU meetings, meetings of US politicians and other countries, events such as war and other events, can have a big impact on the price of oil and gold, it is recommended to trade less in these instruments because the price in these markets is determined more on a fundamental basis and technically has a smaller share. As a result, trading in this market requires a lot of experience and up-to-date and sufficient information

For a professional trader, market risk is a priority

Master Taghikhan is currently working with the AgenaTrader platform on American Interactive Broker.



In the free tutorials provided by the professor, it is stated that these strategies are not unique to him, and in practice he repeats the behaviour of the big traders in banks and financial institutions. This behaviour is based on the same concept of supply and demand that determines market pricing, which is summarised in the chart with special techniques in the form of movement and function, trend size, and so on.

No. They see the market with its main concept and behaviour, and establish successful trades based on capital management and transaction management techniques. Strategies like ‘price action’ are just a name and do not help us understand the concept of the market. With these strategies, we cannot understand the concept of stop phishing, we cannot understand the market process, its correction, and the more important concept: Market behaviour.

The Iranian stock market is fundamentally different from the international financial markets in terms of technique, system and political games in general.


For those who are interested in the copy trading system, we must say no! Unfortunately. Reasons: Traders usually use this system to make high-risk trades to tempt customers to make quick profits. And in the long run, the losers are these financial markets. The important point in trading is the art of capital management, which makes a trader profitable continuously and steadily. In this market, it is better to be your own capital manager. Also, the copy trading system has special conditions. Not every account and broker is suitable for this system and cannot guarantee profit for you.

The use of signals, assuming the signal is received from a reputable source, requires capital management and transaction management by the trader himself, which also requires training, practice, and experience. A signal cannot make you successful, but it is a set of profitable and unprofitable trades that ultimately determine your profit. Therefore, for each signal, you must follow the capital management and always remember the past success of a signal system. Giving is not a guarantee of future success. Trading is a profession that requires constant activity. A signal or a signal reception period cannot guarantee your success in this market. As we see, those who are only looking for a signal, in most cases, lose their capital due to ignorance of capital management. In this market, wanting to make money just by receiving a signal is like being content with a glass of water in an ocean of water! Ultimately, this is your choice!

Unlike other professions, this profession has unlimited income potential. And it is one of the most lucrative professions in the world. Your capital will grow exponentially if you do the right thing. But one day is not enough to reach this stage!

You can enter this market with any capital, from ten dollars to infinity… But low-income activities create several obstacles in your way. 1: You cannot have proper capital management and transaction management. And 2: You cannot manage your capital by considering the concept of margin. As a result, entering the market with little capital is not logical. And because this market has a percentage of income, as a result of low capital, it does not bring you the desired income. You can start using training demo accounts first, and after gaining experience with at least 500 to 2000, practice in a real account until you gain enough experience to earn your main investment.

The trading company, located in Germany, supports traders in carrying out their professional activities by introducing reputable brokers, paying cash back and providing services and practical tools.


This market needs proper training and capital. You can get acquainted with the whole market by using the basic trainings prepared by the master team, and after making a definite decision to operate in this market, start your career by following the free trainings of the master. To get started, you can use our free videos, all the tips from the basics of MetaTrader training, capital management, learn how to trade at different times, and use very useful tools of capital management and watch lists, as well as advanced content by the master. Many people have said by using the basic videos, they’ve gained profit by practising and trying with the help of these trainings.

Futures are a group of trading instruments that are priced based on quarterly contracts. Trading on these trading tools requires more capital and experience, and certain brokers support this tool, which is currently not possible for Iranians living in Iran. These tools are directly connected to the stock market, which is their pricing reference. Because of this connection, traders can make more professional trades using tools such as overbook.

The factor of success in this market is not your working hours. It is the effort, the quality of practice, and the order in trading; It is the result of these factors that brings you income in this market. The ratio of the number of successful trades to your losing trades over a period of time determines your income, and you need to practise and gain experience to maximize this ratio.

Most market losers are those who engage in risky trading with the thought of overnight success, gambling, or simplification, or who expect to be uninformed and ignore the principles of capital management and over-trading with just a click – these are the keys to achieving profits.

The trading profession, like any other profession, requires training in practice and patience. The success of this profession, like any other profession, is not achieved overnight. A successful trader masters the market behaviour by practising and gaining experience, and by following the rules of this profession, they can achieve continuous success.

These tools show the market trends in the past. The price of any instrument is never determined based on factors such as Elliott Fibonacci or Trend Line and Indicator. And it is political and economic news that sets the price. As well as supply and demand, which is summarised in the same concept of momentum and correction. The mentioned tools perform calculations on the market past and do not have a logical analysis for the future. Also, most of these tools cannot show the correct entry and exit point to the trader, and may cause him/her to go astray.

Fewer professional traders in the US and Europe use such tools for analysis, for several reasons: 1. These tools only show us calculations from the past of the market. 2. These tools are usually made by brokers, which encourages the trader to make more trades by instilling a false sense of security. They do this to earn money from your trading commission. 3. These statements to the trader do not indicate the entry and exit point in the transaction, which is one of the most important issues in trading. 4. The principle of trading is something else, such as supply and demand, trends, and improvements, etc. The market is run by big banks and traders, so in practice these tools will have no result other than misleading you. 5. Using indicators and oscillators, you can easily fall into the trap of brokers and stop phishing.

Yes, Iranians can operate in this market of CFDs by registering with certain brokers.

Forex is the largest financial market in the world with more than $ 5 trillion in turnover per day, and it is also an interbank system that has high financial security, you can make a very good income from this market by practising, trying, and observing capital management. And keep in mind, the stock market is also very lucrative and attractive, has less risk than forex, and also has a high earning potential. Of course, for a stock market trader you need more capital to be able to invest in various stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and other companies. Warren Buffett and many financial market leaders have reached this level of wealth by investing in the stock market.

I have to see how the main market traders behave! Most of them work in higher time frames such as weekly and daily. But small traders often trade in daily and hourly timeframes. It is better for us to follow their trading volume, which is the main market trend. Low times (less than an hour) have a very high risk due to the sharp fluctuations on the chart and have a great psychological impact on the trader.

You can access Master Taghikhan’s telegram channel to access free training.

In fact, using free training, your need for training in this market will be met and you do not have to attend the class. But those who want to pursue this line of work more seriously and professionally and feel that they need the assistance of a teacher to do their exercises can use these classes and what they offer. Keep in mind that professional activity in this market requires high capital. So, if you do not have a large amount of capital to enter the market, the use of classes is not justified for you.

Monthly webinar links are available on the main page of the website. We also include links to past webinars on the Telegram channel, YouTube channel and the Ustad website.

Yes. These trainings have been collected in the free training channel of Master Taghikhan. They help you gain the knowledge you need to enter this market from beginner to advanced level and you do not need another reference or class. You will see the result and figure everything out by following this exercise and gaining experience.

Books related to technical topics: It is generally old books such as John Murphy’s books and Kendall study books, etc., which are essentially not practical in the daily market. These topics require more practise and experience than books and research, which you will not get in any technical book. Fundamental books: It is highly recommended that you read books in this field, but this knowledge is not limited to a few books. And it takes years of reading several books as well as simultaneous market monitoring. Books on market psychology: Usually books in this category are deemed good if they strengthen you mentally to work in this profession. In the free teacher training channel, we have introduced books related to this topic.

The futures market is directly connected to the US stock market, and because of this connection, the relevant brokers can provide us with information about the buy and sell orders of other traders, which can further help our trading analysis. But using them requires a lot of experience. Unfortunately, these tools and related brokers are not available to Iranians due to US sanctions.

AgenaTrader is a trading platform in which a trader can trade. This system supports a wide range of trading tools and only a limited number of brokers can connect to this platform, which unfortunately means that it cannot be used in Iran.

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